10 Cruel Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

10 Bad Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

All relationships change over time. The longer you spend together, the more changes happen. Some of them can be scary…

10 Secret Signs Your Man Doesn't Love You Any More

10 Secret Signs Your Man Doesn’t Love You Any More

According to Steve Harvey, the author of the popular novel Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, “A man’s love is expressed in three forms: he declares…


Let’s Break The Traditional Masculine Image Of Famous People

Scott Scheidly is an artist from Ohio, currently based in Orlando, Florida, who calls himself surrealist at heart. His…


The most stunning views from hot tubs around the world

  No relaxing romantic getaway is complete without being able to chill in your villa’s own private hot…


Weird Dating rules from countries around the world

Research by language experts has revealed expectations when looking for love Daters in Poland…


The 50 most dangerous cities in the world

  South and Central America dominate list of world’s most violent cities with 42 of the top 50 …


Here’s Why Scientists Are So Dismissive Of UFOs

Our new alien overlords aren’t likely to be landing anytime soon,…


South Koreans Invented Cutest Gesture Ever

Forget thumbs up.

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